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Cheerson and Mini RC-Drones

Mini RC-Drones are marvelously small. They have all the required advanced machinery which a drone requires. They have maximum flight range, faster speed, good operating distance and many other qualities. They do have RC transmitters, which help them to receive signals and fly accordingly. Here I am going to describe a best and quality mini-drone in the market.

Cheerson CX-30W:

Now enjoy the First-Person-Experience with Cheerson. It comes in exciting appearance like orange, green, yellow and blue. Contains Wi-Fi modules and is compatible to hold your smartphone with it. Have highly sensitive Gyro which provides stability.


  • Its weight is only 71 grams.
  • Dimensions are 18.2cmx18.2cmx3.7cm.
  • This Mini-drone is being operated by 2.4GHz RC controller.
  • Comes with USB charger.
  • Battery is 700mAh Li-Po.
  • Battery takes 60 to 90 minutes to show an indication of fully charged.
  • Its flight time is only 6 to 7 minutes.
  • It has an ability to fly in four universal directions.
  • The battery is completely rechargeable.
  • This drone is specially for beginners.
  • Good to use as indoor and at a place having low wind.
  • This is light in weight.
  • It is compatible to offer a Wi-Fi range of about 30 meters.
  • It will easily connect to your Apple phone as well as android phone.
  • It will cost you not much but a handful amount of


  • Now enjoy Real time video feeds by Cheerson CX-30W.
  • It has a Wi-Fi connectivity up-to 30 meters.
  • Comes with a spare pair of propellers.
  • Have a USB charger with it.


  • Only for beginners.
  • Have no feature to fly outdoor or at place where wind is high.
  • Operating range is too little.

Cheerson Multi-copter:

Multi-copters by Cheerson are of wide range. Company has manufactured many types of mini-drones. As company is only manufacturing mini-drones. Drones having furious speed, good dimensions, great operating systems and good to use indoor. They have a flaw that they are not compatible to fly in high wind. These mini-drones are not good to use as an outdoor drone. But all the mini-drones are a great toy for your kids. Mostly experts of the drones have given people advised to keep a spare battery with them all the time. Because they have very short life span of battery. Cheerson Multi-copter are also compatible to show the connectivity with Wi-Fi. They have good operating distance.


It is always pleasure to use mini-drones and do fun with them. They are not used as outdoor drone but they have maximum flight and other advanced features.