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Benefits of Ownership of a Panasonic Toughbook

Technology makes it possible for many workers to complete their job outside the office. With the growing number of tasks they perform offsite, a dependable portable computer is necessary. The employee can take the portable computer on business trips, to meetings, to conferences or on field inspections. Many companies find ownership of a Panasonic Toughbook as a best choice. This series of laptops provides several advantages not found in other units.

1. Tough Construction

Their name says it all. These laptops are constructed like a tank. When you own one of these computers you eliminate the worry of drops, bumps, dust, spills, temperature extremes, vibration and other common reasons laptops are damaged physically. You can take your Toughbook anywhere you work regardless of the conditions. The design makes these computers compliant with military testing so owners can rest assured the units can take a beating.

2. Dependable

Any computer can fail when you need it most. When your computer stops, so does your work. Getting the unit going again becomes your priority. Because Panasonic Toughbooks are reliable, they are less likely to fail. Statistically, Toughbooks have a failure relate that is six times lower than the average computer, which is impressive.

3. Increased Productivity

Reducing downtime improves your productivity when using Panasonic Toughbooks. These reliable machines allow your work to continue in a steady stream while minimizing interruptions due to computer failure. When you are facing a tough deadline, it is essential that your computer can match your pace so the task is completed in a timely manner. No one wants a machine that continually breaks down and adds to their frustrations at each turn of the project.

4. Reduce to Overall Cost of Owning a Computer

When calculating the cost of computer ownership, remember the initial investment is just part of the overall expense. As a buyer you should consider the money repairing a faulty unit or replacing a failing part can cost. You should also include the loss of profits from missed opportunities due to an inoperable computer in your expenses. While you might buy a conventional system at a lower price, its frequent failure means it is a poor candidate for critical tasks you must perform. However, the premium materials and design Panasonic uses in a Toughbook helps to keep the overall cost of ownership down by increasing reliability.

Panasonic Toughbooks represent a good choice that provides excellent returns. Companies that opt for these units can rest assured they are purchasing a durable machine that will provide impressive performance and reliability while reducing the cost of operation and maintenance.

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